A Guide To Choosing Pallet Trucks For Your Warehouse

Posted on: 5 May 2015

If you are running a warehouse you will most likely need pallet trucks. Pallet trucks are great for moving supplies and other heavy material around in your warehouse. However, before you purchase one or more pallet trucks for your warehouse you may want to make sure that you are aware of the different types of pallet trucks and the reason you may need them. Here is a list of the different types of pallet trucks that are available to help you move cargo and supplies around your warehouse.

Hand Pallet Trucks

The hand pallet is a manually operated pallet truck. The truck is used to move heavy loads from one point of your warehouse to the next. A hand pallet uses a jack to raise objects off the floor. This jack usually contains two forks. There are hand pallets that have short, medium or long forks which are designed to deal with loads of different lengths. Once the item is loaded onto the forks, the person operating the pallet can move supplies to their desired location in your warehouse. Hand pallets have a variety of weight capabilities, so you will need to decide which weight capability is best for your warehouse.

Weighing-Scale Pallet Trucks

If you need to weigh supplies or cargo before they are placed in your warehouse, then a weighing-scale pallet truck is the best choice for you. The scale that is on the pallet truck will tell you the weight of any object or set of objects that have been placed on the truck making it easier for you to weigh supplies and cargo whenever or wherever it becomes necessary.

High-Lift Pallet Trucks

If you or anyone working in your warehouse is experiencing back pain, then these pallet trucks will help to alleviate that problem. High-lift pallet trucks lift heavy objects that are low to a reasonable working height without the operator having to bend in any way while operating the pallet. You may want to try integrating this pallet truck into a production line or make it an integral part of your packing process.

Knowing the different types of pallet trucks and identifying the ones that will be the most beneficial for your warehouse is one sure way to increase productivity. Increased productivity means that your warehouse will become more efficient and this can mean an increase in job satisfaction for you and your warehouse workers. For further assistance, contact a local outlet for warehouse equipment, such as Independent Lift Truck Of Alaska.