Keep Your Equipment Secure And Long Lasting - Inspection Tips For Aerial Lifts

Posted on: 20 May 2015

Having a reliable aerial lift can go a long way in allowing you to finish construction projects quickly and efficiently. Your lift can deliver both materials and personnel to hard to reach areas, but before you turn to it to complete that task, it's important that you make sure its in the best shape possible to secure the well being of your employees and the stability of your inventory.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for inspecting and maintaining your aerial lift. Following these suggestions will allow you to establish effective oversight that can cut down on serious accidents and guarantee that you have the strong safety record and efficient operations that you desire.

Platform Safety Components

Having a safe and reliable platform will guarantee that your lift operator is able to assist workers in the air while also effectively completing tasks on the ground. This means that you should verify that safety railings are strong and secure while also double checking that emergency shut down switches are toggled to the proper positions.

You should also verify that all relevant signs and labels are clearly and correctly displayed. These components can wear off over time, leading to their being ignored. This promotes a poor safety culture, and as such, it should be combatted at every turn.

Boom Lubrication

The best way to make sure that both workers and materials are secure on a lift is to verify that the lift is operating smoothly. As such, the lubrication of the moving parts of your lift is a vital component of guaranteeing those smooth operations.

Your lift manufacturer will provide you with a list of adequate lubrication components and a schedule that you should follow for checking that lubrication. Be sure that you adhere to this information extremely rigidly, as each aerial lift operates differently and has different operational specifications for maintaining proper lubrication.

Tire Inflation

When considering the condition of an aerial lift, many operators focus solely on the controls and the boom without realizing how important a stable base is to a secure operation. If the tires on your lift are either over- or under-inflated, the resulting flat can cause significant delays. If a blowout happens while the boom is being used, the jolt could cause a significant safety risk. Be sure to regularly inspect the tires on your lift to verify that they're properly inflated and capable of providing a stable and secure base.

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