Steps To Take Before Razing An Old Building

Posted on: 20 May 2015

If you have just purchased an old building and you wish to have it razed so you can reuse the property for a newer structure, there are steps you will need to take before you call a heavy construction corporation to start the job. Neighboring buildings and pedestrians need to be considered to keep others around the area safe. Here are some steps to consider when you would like to have a building removed from your property, keeping your property and neighboring properties safe from harm in the process.

Obtain Paperwork

Before you start a razing project, proper paperwork needs to be submitted to the city or town where the property is located. You will need a permit to hire a construction company to demolish your building. The paperwork will also allow the taxes collected for the property to be altered. Call your town building to find out what paperwork you will need to fill out before starting the raze.

Get Inspections

If the building you have bought was constructed before 1973, have an asbestos inspection done before you knock anything down. Several building materials used in older structures had asbestos included in the composition. Asbestos causes lung problems when it is touched or released into the air. If asbestos is present, the building will need to be taken down with careful procedures instead of just knocking it down with heavy demolition equipment. 

Notify Neighbors

Let any buildings within your block know that you plan on demolishing the building. This can be done via a letter sent to each address nearby. This will allow any neighbors with concerns to address them before the building is demolished. Make sure to list the dates and times that you plan on having the demolition company on your property. Reassure your neighboring companies that you will do whatever necessary to make sure their businesses are not interrupted by your demolition. 

Acquire Recycling Services

If you will be dealing with a lot of scrap metal or other materials that can be recycled, notify a recycling service ahead of time to help get the materials from your property. Have workers stack up the materials in one area so they can be retrieved for removal. Often, recycling materials that are worth money may become a target of thieves. Make sure you have proper fencing around your property and get the help of a security service if you feel your property is threatened. To learn more, contact a business like Colorado Cleanup Corporation.