Learn Why You Should Hire A Professional Plant Relocation Company To Relocate A Large Tree In Your Yard

Posted on: 23 February 2016

If you have a neighbor who is threatening to go to the local housing authority to have a tree in your yard torn down because part of it is growing onto their property, you need to take action immediately. You can choose to have the tree trimmed, but depending on which portion of the tree is impeding onto their property, this could cause the tree to die. You could also have the tree relocated. While this may seem like an impossible job to do on your own, there are plant relocation companies who specialize in the relocation of trees, shrubs, and flowers to ensure they stay as healthy as they possibly can during the relocation process. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about relocating your tree.

The Roots Are Fragile

When relocating a tree, it is important to realize that the roots of the tree are fragile. The company will know how to dig up the roots of the tree safely so that no permanent damage is done to the tree. If you were to try to dig up the roots on your own, there is a good chance you could cause significant damage to the roots, which could lead to the tree dying after it is relocated.

Choosing a Great New Location Is Essential

The company can help you determine the best location in your yard for relocating the tree. It needs to be able to get ample sunlight and be relocated to an area of your yard that does not flood when it rains because over saturation of the tree can cause it to die, as well.

Full Grown Trees Aren't Easy to Move

When it comes to moving full grown trees, professionals have the experience and tools needed to do the job safely. If you were to try to move a full-grown tree on your own, there is a good chance that it could fall on your house, your car, or a neighbor's property because the weight can be so difficult to control. Hiring a professional company ensures the tree is moved in the safest way possible.

Once the tree has been relocated, you will need to take care of it closely. Be sure to water it every day and contact the relocation company if you notice anything is wrong with it after a few days. The plant relocation services company can come back out to your home and make sure the tree is recovering properly from the relocation and provide you with tips for things you can do to help the tree if needed.